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$255,669 Travail's record restaurant raise on kickstarter

Fallon is helping tomorrow's biggest success stories take off.

Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo make effective storytelling the vital first step in any project's lifecycle. That's why we're offering a customizable kit of strategy, video production, page content, PR, and community management to help launch promising crowdfunding projects with no up-front fees.

Case Study

Tiko 3D

The Unibody 3D Printer for $179

3D printing was already a thing on Kickstarter, but Fallon helped a young team of engineers raise $2.95 million and attract more backers than any other 3D printer campaign in history with what @NCIXKeys called “probably the best Kickstarter video I’ve ever seen.”

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  • Tiko is 2015's Most Unusual 3D Printer


  • (Tiko’s) video is probably the best Kickstarter video I’ve ever seen.

    NCIX Tech Tips

  • Tiko 'unibody' 3D printer hits Kickstarter



Foam Swords with Electronic Scoring

The Sabertron team invented foam swords with electronic scoring. Then they failed to reach even 30% of their Kickstarter goal. We asked, “How is this not a thing yet?” and completely retold their product story with what Crowdfunding Guide called “The Best Crowdfunding Campaign Ever. Ever,” raising 468% of their goal just three months later.

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  • I see these as a great way to settle arguments without actually having to kill the other person.


  • It’s the video that sells the sheer genius of Sabertron. The video is so well done… Why aren’t these guys making all the shows on AMC? Or making the work week disappear?

    Crowdfunding Guide

  • Take Our Money Now: Here's a Kickstarter Project For Foam Swords with Electronic Scoring

    Business Insider

  • As the tagline for the Kickstarter video says:
    ‘How is this not a thing yet?’


  • Finally, foam lightsabers with electronic scoring.



Democratizing Fine Dining in Robbinsdale, MN

A team from Fallon created the campaign that helped Travail rocket past their $75,000 goal in just six hours. Only three hours later, they shattered the all-time record for restaurant projects on Kickstarter. Andrew Zimmern called Travail's success "a happening" that "transcended restaurant openings as we have come to know them."

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  • Right now the food world is inspired by the Cinderella story of Minnesota's Travail restaurant.

    Boston Globe

  • While other restaurants have received Kickstarter funding, none have had nearly the success or the community support of Travail.


  • Is Kickstarter the future of restaurant financing?


  • Annihilate. Crush. Whatever you want to call it, Travail’s much buzzed about Kickstarter campaign ended yesterday with a grand total of $255,669.

    Secrets of the City

  • This represents a sea change in terms of how local restaurants
    get funded.

    Andrew Zimmern

How it works?

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  • Plan

    Together, we'll refine your story and rewards to woo your target backers.

  • Produce

    We'll tell your story with video, pictures, and words that will help get you seen, heard, and paid.

  • Launch

    We'll help you with PR and project updates as your growing backer community propels you toward your goal—and beyond.

What's in a kit?

What comes in a kit depends on you and your idea.

All projects are different, and so are the people behind them. We'll work with you to deliver content and services tailored to help your project succeed.

  • Strategy

    Defining your target backers and determining how to reach them.

  • Storytelling

    Turning your idea into something people adore.

  • Video Production

    The most effective, sharable version of your story, expertly produced with magic machines.

  • Photography

    What will people picture when they think of your idea? We'll make some pretty pictures to dress up your campaign and correspondence.

  • Reward Strategy

    Let's give 'em what they want, shall we?

  • PR

    Give your idea a shot of earned media turbo-boost and get people talking.

  • Community Management

    Whoa! You've got backers now. Let's say hello.

  • No Up-Front Fees

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  • Consider it our investment in you. We like you.

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