When I signed up for the MN AIDS ride I was nervous, unprepared and drunk. But 300+ miles and three and a half days later, I was still able to walk and my (now sober) mind recemented how important this cause truly is to me.

See, I don’t have AIDS, but a few people I worship did. I rode in their honor.

Honoree #1: Keith Haring

Honoree #2: Eazy E

Honoree #3: Robert Mapplethorpe


And Honoree #4: Freddie Mercury

I am grateful for all of my Fallon friends who not only helped me raise $2,500 for the cause, but who also didn’t shy from the conversation about HIV and AIDS. Too many brilliant minds are living with this disease today, and they should not feel the stigma that so often comes with the illness. Hopefully, this helped a tiny bit.

Veda Partalo