BrandTube: Come Together Now As Selfless Placeholders For Our Children

As the Fallon Insight department members observed office conversations about President Obama’s State of the Union address, they became curious about how the general public engaged in the event and what people’s reactions were to his message. So, the BrandTube team took to the streets.

Only half of those interviewed had seen the State of the Union. But, whether they watched the speech or not, everyone knew about it, had an opinion about it, and had talked about it. Some of those discussions happened face-to-face, but the majority happened through some sort of digital media—from real-time conversations with friends on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to more public social platforms like and

To gather a sense of the State of the Union’s theme, we asked the question, “What does Winning the Future mean to you?” People’s reactions were varied. Watch the video of the sample responses to see how our summary statement, “We need to come together now to become selfless placeholders for our children,” is brought to life.


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