One of a Kind

Pat Fallon

For over 30 years, I had the unique opportunity to work alongside a giant in the advertising world–my friend, mentor and former business partner, the late Pat Fallon.

In spite of his diminutive stature (standing all 5′ 6 ½” tall), the shadow he cast here was always a big one, as you might expect from an industry icon.

Pat was the heart and soul of Fallon, our inspiration and our fire in the belly.  He taught us all many things, and I consider myself very fortunate to have been in his orbit for so long.

However, among his multitude of talents, when people ask me about the one thing I remember most about Pat, I almost always think of the power of his pen.  He was one of the most thoughtful, provocative and brilliant writers I have ever come across in a field that is known for its writing craft.

Whether it was a persuasive business email or a handwritten note to a friend or colleague, Pat’s writing ability was one of his true gifts.

While Pat is now gone, his spirit lives on through his legacy of leadership, a belief in the power of creativity and a commitment to building the most unique culture in the ad industry.

The Pat Fallon–authored pieces that you can link to below remind me of his expectations for me, for our leaders here and for this brand.  Fallon was never built to be just good.  Our only reason for being is to be a bright light of creativity in an industry that quite often seems to be chasing its tail.

Pat knew this to be true as well, and you will see that in his words.

Each document below is a short read, but they’re all packed with dynamite.  Just like Pat.

Consider them gifts of wisdom from a man the likes of whom we will never see again in our lifetimes.

–Mike Buchner, CEO

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Pat Fallon on Culture
Pat Fallon on Fallon