Simon Delivering

From our White Bear Lake, MN operative (you all know. It’s King.)

“Thought this was an interesting example of brand action. Last night my wife Stacey took our daughter to her Thursday night soccer game. The fields are a busy place with parents, cars, not enough parking, and overlapping games.

As they arrived they noticed a completely out of place, and large Simon Delivers truck trying to park.

Next they noticed some Simon Delivers guys muscling large plastic tubs onto the field best they could.

As the story goes Simon Delivers decided to reward one of their best customers by deliverying the post-game treats to their kids soccer game. Right after the game the entire team (and a bunch of other people including my son) was able to load up on ice cold bottled water, ice cream sandwiches, etc.

Needless to say many, many, over-scheduled soccer moms and dads left the field last night talking about Simon Delivers having witnessed both an actual fresh delivery (their business) and demonstration of a company who appreciates their customers.”