Politics 2.0: First Congressional Appearance in Second Life

No, Katie Couric didn’t report this one. [Eh – a pity that a multi-million dollar paycheck can’t net us anything more interesting from Couric beyond retreading that dead 1950’s formula. But I digress.]

Rocketboom’s Joanne Colan conducted the first congressional appearance in Second Life last week with her interview of California Congressman George Miller.

(Note to SL makeup and wardrobe stylist: homie’s highwater pants is a bit too tight in the rear! Nice hair, though. Believe me, girl, I know how much time it must have taken you to get that hairdo done right in 2L. Mmn, hmn. Ahem, but again, I digress.)

The event was fairly well attended (only one guy sleeping).

The congressman considers himself the proverbial “canary in the coalmine” with regard to future congressional involvement in 2L. Though he encourages increased collaboration and participation with 2L and other such media from his fellow congress members.