Politics 2.0: 21 More Months to Go…

Alexa has a blog and they’ve posted an analysis of the relative popularity of the three leading democrat(ic) candidates’ web sites.

Let’s start with the blue team. Hillary clearly has had the most visitors to her site of any candidate (blue line), particularly on the 21st of January, when she posted a video announcing her candidacy. She nearly doubled the number of visitors that had visited Barack Obama’s site (for the same reason, in red) a week earlier, and more than quadrupled the visits to John Edward’s site 3 weeks prior.

There are several other democratic candidates not listed because at this point their sites are not getting enough traffic to show up on the chart.

And how fares the red team? The Republican sites are just a tiny blip on the chart. Both have approximately 10% of the traffic of the third place democratic candidate, John Edwards.

Of couse, rabbits have been known to throw a race or two in the past. 21 months to go…

via Alexa Blog