Mobile TV

As the demand for content everywhere becomes greater, a surge of network and cable television phone “apps” has vitalized. Here are some of the latest.

This application allows you to access channels such as CBS Sports, The CW, and Showtime.

VH1 Watch and Discuss Live Cha

Chat live while watching your favorite VH1 show. Think of it as a mobile chat room.

– CBS March Madness

CBS recently launched the March Madness app for the tournament. Starting March 19th CBS will be streaming every game live. Since live mobile TV is still in the early stages, it will be interesting to see what happens.

And it’s not just for the iPhone any more. Content providers have realized the importance of mobile TV and are making their shows available across numerous mobile platforms (e.g. Android, Blackberry, etc.).

Additionally, with all things new I think there are a few things to consider with this platform. Content owners must embrace mobile as a new medium and craft new experiences that tap the unique characteristics of the mobile environment.

Some ideas that may help mobile TV break through are below.

– Create must-see programming that is only accessible via the phone such as clips that continue a story, possibly using footage that was not shown originally.
– Have interactive experiences that will provide plenty of opportunities for viewers to vote on a show or otherwise give their feedback.
– Don’t rely on the 30-minute slot that works in traditional TV; the mobile environment allows for more creative uses of time outside of that format. For example, make a quick TV slot to fill short time gaps – like when waiting for the next bus to arrive. Or longer programs for the distant bus commute out of the city.