Mass Interactive: Let VA Fly

Virgin America is trying to become the nation’s newest low cost air carrier (complete with touch screen displays, vod, satellite tv, broadband Internet and then some), but has been denied by the Department of Transportation.

Virgin makes a convincing case in a viral video and a public appeal to sign their petition and help in lobbying support on their behalf.

AKI COMMENT: Now I recently got this exact same appeal directly from United and NWA thru my frequent flyer emailer…but Virgin is doing a far better job of enlisting my passionate evangelism with this video that speaks directly to me and actually sells a better case for why I should sign their petition to bolster their business – they show me what I get out of giving a damn! This is a pimped out plane, and I never knew they got down like this. But now I know, and dammit, I wanna fly VA, too! NWA and United never gave me much incentive to care about signing their DOT petition, not even a extra mile point for my time and attention (though they used my frequent miles account as the venue to pitch me to help their business), they gave me no detail as to MY END BENEFIT for helping them add another hub somewhere. Good job going that xtra step in VALUE, Virgin.