Mass Interactive: Groundswell

Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff at Forrester research have a good blog you should read, Groundswell, and a developing book about winning strategies in a world transformed by social technologies.

And as you’d expect for a book about such a topic, they are reaching out to the masses, You.

Their book will be crammed full of proprietary Forrester data, and insider case studies from organizations that succeeded through embracing consumer technologies.

Feel free to join the conversation and tell them about what you’re doing.

Some of the things they’re looking for:

-Good stories about how you got started and kept going.
-Real business results you can speak about. (Successes are great, but we’d also like to hear about projects that flopped or haven’t succeeded yet, too.)
-Real people involved in the project that we can speak with.
-And in case you are worried about the public nature of sharing, they’ll keep your examples confidential until the book is published some time next year.

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