‘Mad Men’ Creative Review: Fallon’s Jeff Kling on Don Draper’s Lucky Strike Pitch

Clios.com’s “Mad Men” Creative Review is a weekly, ongoing series in which creatives from top agencies look back at past seasons of AMC’s “Mad Men” and review its most memorable campaigns.

In this installment, Jeff Kling, Chief Creative Officer of agency Fallon, looks at Don Draper’s pitch to Lucky Strike, which plays off the cigarette manufacturer’s real-life tagline, “It’s toasted.” The campaign, in the show as well as in life, proved an effective distraction from the growing concerns over the negative health effects of smoking. But do such techniques have a place in today’s advertising landscape? Kling consider’s Don Draper’s “jaundiced view of the public” below.

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By Jeff Kling, Chief Creative Officer, Fallon.

A press photo of the people responsible for Mad Men appeared somewhere, and I recall my own surprise that all pictured were women.

The surprise of the shot felt calculated to work like a lot of the show itself: small scenes delivering haymakers of revelation. We haven’t seen these Drama of the Broken Teacup moves since Henry James. The photo also made it real easy to love the women pictured. One could imagine them struggling to create, struggling with gym equipment, struggling with booze or calories, struggling to juggle kids and a Starbucks order, and I’m pretty sure they move camouflaged among a population as clueless to their many gifts as it is addicted to their output. Underestimated their whole lives.

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