iPhone app shelf life is less than 30 days.

New Pinch Media data reveals that “for free applications, only about 20 percent of users return to use the app the first day after they download it, and then it quickly drops off from there. By 30 days out, less than 5 percent are using the app…So there is a very brief window of time to capture people’s attention and potential revenues.”

Implications/strategy for branded apps moving forward:

1. Add VALUE (utility, organization, efficiency, entertainment, convenience, etc.) or it instantly becomes nothing.
2. Launch app 30 DAYS OR LESS BEFORE BIG EVENT (new product launch, season premiere, box-office opening, etc…).
3. CONTINUE THE CONVERSATION. Constantly add new content; weekly, monthly, daily…whatever. Giving users a reason to come back.
4. Throw the app to bloggers PR style so they can spread it by WOM; their network.
5. Maybe the app isn’t free? People may use it more if they have invested in it.

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