Fourteen years after launching, BMW Films still ranks as AdAge’s #3 Campaign in it’s list of Best Ad Campaigns of the 21st Century. Read below why this campaign is still relevant today.

It’s not every day that a company pours $17 million into a brand campaign that involves destroying its product.

But that’s exactly what Fallon and BMW did with “The Hire,” a web-based series of short films that broke every rule in the book on its way to becoming a Harvard Business School case study and the first campaign ever to win a Titanium Lion at Cannes.

Instead of using one big-name director, “The Hire” tapped several. Under the watch of Anonymous Content co-founder David Fincher (who executive produced the first season), “The Hire” secured icons including John Frankenheimer and Ang Lee to tell the story of a nameless man who transports people or cargo from one place to another in his BMW.

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