Bad Time to Zag When Everyone’s Zigging

Two new car commercials that tell me the industry doesn’t get it.

1. Mitsubishi L200 “for people who love the country”
uuuh. it’s a truck. I am guessing there are about three people in the UK who actually need to drive around the countryside in a gas guzzling (aka Earth killing) vehicle of this size.

via pirate geek

2. Kia “save the greenbacks”
Nothing quite like mocking our fragile environmental situation to sell a few cars.

See the spot on Transbuddha

Now, I know I’m going a little Al Gore here, but seriously, A) as an industry, we can play a role in influencing public opinion (by not letting work like this get out the door) and B) car companies are already in hot water. Why risk exacerbation? And okay, C) I’m reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma and it’s freaking me out.

I’m waiting for a model with organic fabric seats, cupholders made of recycled plastic and maybe even electronics powered by a solar panel on the roof. And no, not in a hybrid SUV.