ADWEEK: First Mover, Jeff Kling

The celebrated copywriter on why Fallon’s best work may be ahead of it
By Noreen O’Leary

You studied German and English at Duke. How did you get into advertising?
It was a perfectly useless degree. I leaned on a friend who is in the business and asked him, “What should I do with it?” He said, “Oh dude, you totally have to go into advertising.” So pursuant to his advice, I put together a book, scheduled some interviews, and one thing led to another. I lucked into my first agency job at Wieden + Kennedy.

You’ve had two tours of duty in Amsterdam. Hard to leave?
It’s much easier to leave a place when you hate it and your options are shut down. We love it. The only reason we’re leaving is because we think we have an amazing opportunity for me in Fallon and the family in Minneapolis.

A lot of people think Fallon’s best creative days are behind it.
People are generally pretty bad predictors of the future, so it remains to be seen whether Fallon’s best creative work is in its rearview mirror. I aim to make sure its future is as brilliant as its past. I realize that’s a shit ton to live up to. I think I can tell pretty quickly when I’m in the presence of people with whom I can accomplish great things, and I felt nothing but phenomenal energy from everybody I met at Fallon.

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