2018 Interns

Looking for: College Seniors/Graduates

Start/End Date: June 4-Aug. 10

Paid: $15/hr

Please Include:

  1. Your resume. If you’re serious about getting into advertising, this might be the last time you ever show your resume. Make lasting memories.
  2. A Self-portrait. Any medium. Please do not remove your ear.
  3. Portfolio – Required IF you are applying for a creative position (Art Director/Writer/Designer).
  4. Name your department of interest (Acct. Management, Creative, Media, Strategy, Production).


  1. Ten things we’ll love (or hate) about you: Beyond the professional and academic achievements listed on your resume, we want to know about you, the future Fallon intern—milestones, near-death experiences, skills, mutant powers, gumbo recipes and basically anything else you’ve got. Ten things about you. Choose wisely.
  2. One-page writing sample. Write one page about whatever your heart desires: a story, an opinion piece, or maybe a thoughtful dissertation on the annexation of Puerto Rico. We want to see how you put your own words on the page.
  3. Would you rather? Would you rather be woken up once a year by the girl from The Ring crawling into your room, OR would you want your best friend dressed as a clown to suddenly surprise you in a random place once a week? Please provide rationale for your choice.

Please submit applications to summerinterns@fallon.com NO LATER than March 9, 2018, by 5:00pm CST.