Fallon StarterKit Picks Plug.Solar At SXSW Crowdfunding Event

Fallon StarterKit hosted an official SXSW pitch event called “Storytelling for Crowdfunding Ideas” last weekend in Austin, featuring five entrepreneurs presenting their crowdfunding project ideas to a panel of judges.

fsk“Usually we pick our StarterKit projects in the comfort of our office, but this allowed SXSW-goers to see some of the exciting pre-launch ideas we see and help our judges make a very challenging decision,” said Fallon Director of Innovation Marty Wetherall, who moderated the panel.

The judges included Fallon’s Chief Creative Officer, Jeff Kling, and Fallon client Dean Phillips from Talenti Gelato, along with Indiegogo’s head of Social Innovation, Alisa Cordesius.  After reviewing the presentations and debating the merits of each storytelling opportunity, the judges selected Plug.Solar to be Fallon StarterKit’s next crowdfunding campaign partner.

FSK2“This is a tremendous honor,” said Plug.Solar founder and CEO Paul Droege. “Not only does it recognize the significance of our technology, but it also provides us with world-class support from Fallon to promote and grow Plug.Solar.”

Plug.Solar technology uses the system of solar credits utility companies accumulate from energy produced by solar farms and allows consumers to specify that they only use that solar power with a simple plug adaptor.

The Austin honor is the latest recognition for Plug.Solar. Last month in Las Vegas at CES, the consumer electronics show, Droege gave his pitch to the Shark Tank producers and got a call afterward telling him he’s a possible candidate for a future episode of the show.

Fallon StarterKit creates crowdfunding campaigns for promising projects. For more information, visit Fallon Starterkit